39 Steps

39 Steps Theatre Breaks at the Criterion Theatre London
39 Steps Theatre Breaks at the Criterion Theatre London

 39 Steps at the Criterion

39 Steps was not a low budget movie. It did not take place in a sitting room, around the desk at an office or at the public bar of a country pub! Although it did take place in all three… PLUS the Scottish glens, the Flying Scotsman, the Fourth Bridge AND the London Palladium.

So how do you squeeze all of that, and a cast of over 100 into the rather wee Criterion Theatre, London?

With Patrick Barlow’s brilliant stage adaptaion – that is how!

Four cast members, a breathtaking amount of quick changes and an imaginative staging enables this hilarious farce to bring every scene of John Buchan’s thriller to this humble West End stage under Maria Aitken directorial power.

If you read the papers, this is what yours said about 39 Steps:

“Uproariously jolly and splendidly inventive” The Guardian

“A fast-paced, resourceful and attractively tongue-in-cheek production by Maria Aitken” The Independent

“Dizzyingly entertaining… highly recommended” The Daily Telegraph

“This clever and witty … All in all, thoroughly ripping.” The Sunday Times

“This 39 Steps is part spoof-spook and part dead-pan clowning.” The Observer

“A joyful version of The Thirty-Nine Steps” The Sunday Telegraph

Now you just have to see for yourself… don’t forget to book the hotel and travel at the same time! The 39 Steps Theatre Breaks

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